About usWenzhou Success Group Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Success Group Co.,Ltd was established in 1977 with registered capital of 10 million Usdollar. Starting from early 1980s, the company has been dealing with importation and exportation. Armed with solid professional knowledge, well-developed business technique, empirical import and export experience, our company has achieved a leading position in some special business fields in the Chinese market. Its competitive advantageis built upon the abilities to design in-house, fast innovation, customized services and products, deep understanding of the Chinese market as well as long-term cooperation with factories all over the country. The company is long regarded by its customers a reliable supplier, a trustworthy partner, and a faithful friend. After decades of precipitation, Our company has established business relationships with companies in more than 80countries and invested in 10 factories to produce belts, scarfs, hats, bags etc. Dedicated to the design and development of new products, complied with the International quality standards (Reach; Cro65; EN etc.), complianced with contractual commitments, we win the rich experience, we gain the high reputation.

"concentration, innovation, collaboration,respecting and integrity", the core tenets have served as the pillars of our company since day one. We will continuously provide the professional services and excellent products for our customers.

Your success is our success!